Smithville Texas Veterans Memorial Park

Beginning in the summer of 2010, Mayor Mark Bunte began to develop and implement plans to create the Smithville Texas Veterans Memorial Park. The City is NOT using public tax dollars to support the Veterans Memorial Park. Funds have been raised from a wide variety of sources, including individuals (cash and in-kind labor and materials), foundations, corporations, and community development grants. Since 2011, the City has partnered with the Friends of the Smithville Texas Veterans Memorial Park, an all-volunteer organization, to help with marketing and fundraising. They work together with the Mayor to promote the Park and the record the legacy of the veterans in it.

The mission of the Friends of the Smithville Texas Veterans Memorial Park is to tell the story of Bastrop County Veterans and other individuals from Texas and the rest of the nation who fought for our freedoms and to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in support of our great nation. The broad goal of the Friends of the Smithville Texas Veterans Memorial Park is to tell their stories to our youth and others to teach them Bastrop County’s role in American History. Specifically, our goals are: 1) to help raise the funds and awareness needed to complete the Veterans Memorial Park and Splash Pad project in Smithville Texas; 2) to create a database that assists with genealogical and historical research that archives the history of each individual honored in our memorial who has served this country in all branches of the military, with special research efforts concentrating on people from Bastrop County who have served since the Texas Revolution; 3) to establish proper recognition at the grave sites of those who have passed; and 4) to educate our community, especially our youth, about our proud patriotic heritage.
Information about the StoryCorp Project
StoryCorp’s mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives. Since 2003, StoryCorps has collected and archived more than 40,000 interviews from nearly 80,000 participants. Each conversation is recorded on a free CD to share, and is preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.
In February of 2012, Smithville’s Mayor Mark Bunte contacted the StoryCorp office to find out if they would be interested in recording veterans’ stories in relation to the Smithville Texas Veterans Memorial Park and was pleased to learn that they were starting to work on a special project for post 9/11 military experience. They will be coming to Smithville in August for three days to record 18 stories, and will also spend a day in both Bastrop and Elgin to record another six stories from those parts of the county.
For more information about the Smithville project, please contact Jill Strube, 512 237 3282 x 2109.

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The Veterans Memorial Park
combines a children’s water recreation area and a memorial space and monument to honor the fallen heroes of Bastrop County. The concept for the park developed during a conversation about the fallen heroes from Smithville and the Bastrop County area. The community had lost more soldiers per capita during the recent fight for freedom than any other.

The concept for a children’s splash pad area as part of the memorial came from families of the fallen who expressed the desire to have youthful energy and joy as part of a tribute to soldiers who fell in the fight for freedom.

The memorial park project quickly grew with the contributions of artists and volunteers willing to see the concept come to fruition. Support and funding is also coming from governmental, business and private organizations across the county. The cities of Bastrop and Elgin have pledged their support.

Historical markers in the park will pay tribute to all Bastrop-area veterans, and others, since the Texas Revolution. Volunteer researchers with the Smithville Heritage Society are looking up names of anyone who has served in conflict or in peace time from Bastrop County. Other names are being added to the walls of honor when community members contribute to the project to ensure their names are included.

You can be part of the memorial through your donations and support.

Please donate for this unique memorial space in memory of the fallen heroes who gave all for their country and the freedoms we hold dear.

Click here for the donation form if you would like to ensure the veteran in your life is honored through our paver program and through the memorial markers on the wall.

Click the link below to donate with your credit card.

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The McGlaun Angel

$163 (without frame)
$298 (with frame)
(prices include tax)
$60 of every print goes to
the Smithville Texas Memorial Park
$20 goes to Soldiers’ Angels
Please contact Jill Strube for more information
512 237 3282 x 2109

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Update on Memorial Park: October 2011

Scrap Metal Project to go on indefinitely!

Response to the scrap metal collection has been outstanding since we started in March. Because people are still cleaning house, we have decided to continue this program as long as people continue to give. Once the Memorial Park is constructed, we will collect scrap metal to help offset costs associated with other upcoming projects. So far Premier Metal Buyers (located next to Blue Bell in Brenham) has helped us with about 83.1 net tons worth $14,079 for the project. Thanks to everyone in the community for taking advantage of this program and for all your generosity.
To schedule pick up from your home or business, call (512) 237-3282. Drop off any scrap metal at the City Yard located at 1000 MLK Blvd. from 7:30AM to 4:00PM weekdays or call 718-3189 on weekends.

Update on Fundraising

So far, we have raised about $400,000 in cash donations and in-kind materials and labor. We are over half-way to our goal! Heartfelt thanks to the many individuals and companies for your contributions. We truly appreciate your generosity and your terrific interest in this project. It will be a great asset to the City, and has already garnered a great spirit of cooperation and purpose. We are still accepting donations, especially for the foundry costs for the angel.

Upcoming events

“Three views of a waterfall” written by Mike Greenberg.
October 14-October 29, Bastrop Opera House
A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Memorial Park.
Tickets: $7 to $15
TIME: 7:30PM
LOCATION: 711 Spring Street
Thirty years after the Vietnam War ended, "ghosts" attend a 4th of July BBQ with the Veterans that they haunt.

SAVE THE DATE! February 11, 2012
STVMP will host a Beauty Pageant featuring the theme of patriotism.
Entrance Fee: $60
DATE: February 11, 2012
LOCATION: Smithville Rec Center
106 Royston
Ages infant through 18, boys and girls. Watch for more information on facebook (Smithville TX Veterans Memorial Park) and in the newspaper.
For more information: Tami Cooper

In Memorial…

Thank you, CMS Tony Sandoval, for all you have done in such a short time on this project, and for your dedication and service throughout your too-short lifetime. We all will miss your sense of humor and reason, your generous spirit, and your ability to get ‘er done.
CMS Anthony Sandoval, US Army, (Ret). Born: 01/16/1957, Died: 9/15/2011

Thank you to the Fire Fighters and the Smithville and Bastrop County Communities

The Smithville Friends of the Veterans Memorial Park and the City of Smithville are deeply grateful to the fire fighters who have risked their lives in one of the most devastating fires in our times. Their courage and dedication are awe-inspiring.
Thanks to the people of Smithville and Bastrop County, who have stepped forward to help those who have lost so much to begin again. From the counselors who have provided much needed emotional support to the volunteers helping people find things to the folks who have donated items and money, we are grateful to be in a community that cares and serves.

Angel Print Available Now

Bill McGlaun, the artist who is creating the angel sculpture that will be a major focal point in the park, has painted the Angel and made alimited edition print of the painting. $60 of every print goes to the Smithville Texas Memorial Park and $20 goes to Soldiers’ Angels.
$163 (without frame)
$298 (with frame)
(prices include tax)
Please contact Jill Strube for more information
512 237 3282 x 2109

Thanks to our Donors!

Many individuals and companies have contributed over $400,000 in cash, materials, and labor.
We appreciate you all!

Donors $10,000+
Hanson Bricks
Seton Health Care Charities
Richard Spurlock

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Scrap Metal Drive

The Scrap Metal Drive Kick Off on Saturday, March 12 was a great success. Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered to help. Thanks to Keep Smithville Beautiful, the Boy Scouts, and City Staff who are supporting the drive.
We are collecting scrap on this drive through September. Please call City Hall at 512 237 3282 to arrange a pick up or drop off as the collection site is at the old Coca Cola bottling plant on SE 2nd Avenue and Eagleston. Someone will need to be there to open the gate.
Thanks to all the volunteers and local residents who have helped make this possible. Watch here for updates on other activities and to see how much weight we've collected so far.

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Donation Form

Smithville Texas Veterans Memorial Park Donation Form. Please return with payment to:

Cynthia White
City of Smithville
PO Box 449
Smithville, TX 78957

or drop it off at Smithville City Hall at 317 Main Street.


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