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Sound Permit Fillable Form

Peddlers Permit Fillable Form

After filling out the form you can email it to or fax it into 512-237-4549. Please feel free to call 512-237-3282 with any questions.

Golf Cart Fillable Permit

Golf Cart Permits can filled out and emailed to

City of Smithville Tax Rate 

*Download the Ad Valorem Tax Rate . 

 See below for information on pulling permits. Please Contact City Hall or visit the General Window at City Hall for additional information on pulling permits.

General Information on Obtaining Building, Plumbing & Electrical Permits


Visit or call City Hall.  Discuss what you want to do.  Pick up copies of rules that affect your project.  Starting a project without securing the necessary permits can subject you to a PENALTY by tripling the cost of original permit price or being required to tear down what you have started and start the process from scratch or both of these actions.

It is required to submit a plat or survey showing your property pins. If this is unavailable to you, you may submit a to-scale drawing showing your property pins and lines. You must indicate the North on the drawing. To-scale drawings not smaller than 8”x10" with a scale of 1/8” to 1'. The City is not responsible for finding and marking your property pins. It is important to know where your property pins/lines are as setbacks are based on the distance from them. You must indicate on the drawing/plat where the project will be placed/built, the dimensions of the proposed project, calculated square footage, and distance from all property lines.  You also may need to show plans of where the water, sewer, and electrical lines will connect with existing city utilities. If not enough information is provided you will be asked to submit more details. Please know permits will not be issued until plans have been approved by our building official. All building plans will be reviewed by our building officials and can take up to ten complete workdays.  Workdays start the day after you turn your information into the city office. Make sure to provide good contact information to be contacted by the 10th workday.

To pull a permit and do the work without having a licensed plumber or electrician you must be working on your homestead and have signed and notarized affidavit filed at City Hall. Please note that all gas-related work must be completed by a licensed/registered plumber. If the location is not listed as your homestead a licensed contractor must be registered with the city to pull permits to perform all of the electrical and plumbing work, even if the property is in your name, IT MUST BE YOUR HOMESTEAD TO PERFORM WORK YOURSELF. You can do the foundation, roofing and carpentry work on your own property whether the property is your homestead or not.

            Work must be inspected periodically by the city inspector.  Generally, this is a foundation & framing inspection, a rough-in for electrical and plumbing, and a final inspection for all.  You must call City Hall and give 24-hour notice to schedule an inspection.

            To hook up the water & sewer to your project, you or your contractor may be responsible for tap fee(s), Electrical installs, or upgrades fees. Once fees are paid, a work order will be submitted. This can be a lengthy process, we appreciate your patience as we cannot always provide an exact date of installation/upgrades.  Your contractor or you need to check with the Utility Department to see where the lines need to run to connect to the existing water, sewer, or electrical services. Please note that some projects will require a Certificate of Occupancy which means all permits have to be finalized before turning utilities on full service or switching account names.      

Copies of the city ordinances and the adopted building codebooks are available at the library, City Hall and our website for your review.  If you have city or building code questions the building inspector will try to help you.  Their job is not to design the project for you.  They are here to help you interpret what is required by the City.

Please Contact City Hall for additional information on pulling permits.




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