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Between Austin, San Antonio, Houston & Bryan/College Station


The Following Statement is from Bastrop State Parks/ Texas Parks and Wildlife:
Good Morning Bastrop State Park Patrons!
We are conducting another prescribed burn in the park today. The burn today is in continuation with the unit we burned yesterday. Weather conditions are favorable and we will be burning an additional 3 to 4 units today.
Each of these units have not been burned since the 2011 fire and contain heavy fuel loads like dead trees from the 2011 fire and grown in yaupon and other dense woody vegetation.
With these heavy fuel loads come more smoke. You will be noticing large smoke plumes today and smoke lingering for the next several days as dead trees/logs/stumps left over from the 2011 fire continue to smolder.
It is important that we burn off this the dead vegetation litter left from the 2011 fire and heavy fuel loads that have grown in as it opens up the forest floor making open ground for more loblolly pine and other seeds to take hold and thrive. It also opens up more sunlight to reach the forest floor which helps beneficial native grasses and forbs (wildflowers, food for wildlife) to grow in.
The following Park Closures are in place:
🛑 Park Road 1C from the Scenic Overlook to Gotier Trace
🛑 The southern boundary of the park on Harmon Road to Park Road 1C
🛑 The Lost Pines Loop (Purple Trail)
Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work towards making a healthier and safer Lost Pines ecosystem!
Weather conditions today made it possible for the prescribed burn at Bastrop State Park. For updates see the Bastrop State Park Facebook page or call the Park at 512-321-2101.


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