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City of Smithville Public Works

Dump and Recycling Information

The dump by the Smithville Warehouse, located at 1000 SE MLK, is used for construction trash only. When using the dump, you will be charged a fee for the amount of trash you bring. You receive a ticket to take to city hall, where you will be asked to pay, and then the ticket will be stamped. You will then bring the ticket back to the dump and be allowed to dump your trash. It is best to contact the Utilities Department by calling the City Hall at (512) 237-3282 before bringing the trash to the dump, as the dump may already be full.

The following prices are base fees, as the amount will vary depending on how much trash is brought.

Service Cost Resident Non-Resident
Bag of Trash $2.50 $5.00
Trash Can $3.50 $7.50
55 Gal Barrel $6.00 $15.00
Pickup Load (no sideboards) $25.00 $50.00
Pickup Load (4' Sideboards) $50.00 $100.00
16' Lowboy Trailer ( no sideboards) $100.00 $200.00
16' Lowboy Trailer (4' sideboards) $175.00 $350.00
Per Cubic Yard $20.00 $45.00
Contractor- Per Pickup Load $100.00 $200.00
Contractor-Per Trailer Load $200.00 $400.00

Garbage Rates

Residential: All residents residing whitin the City limits of the City of Smithville will pay a monthly garbage collection charge of $33.17 for twice-weekly pickup.

Residents living outside the City limits who have  City Utilities  garbage pickup services will pay a monthly collection charge of $45.00 for twice-weekly pickup

Weekly garbage pickup for the Northside will be on  Monday and Thursday

Weekly garbage pickup for the Southside and The Hill will be on Tuesday and Friday

Commercial and Industrial- Hand pickup, twice per week:   Up to 120 Gallon container: $40.33 per month.  120-240 Gallon container:$68.56 per month.

Commercial and Industrial (outside City limits)-Hand pickup, twice per week: Up to 120 Gallon container: $85.00 per month

Bin pickup-Monthly Charges:

Frequency of Service                                                            

Bin Size 1x/Week 2x Week 3x/Week 4x/Week

2 cu.Yard

$96.25 $152.74 $203.38 $255.26
3 cu. Yard $111.41 $195.24 $231.95 $271.44
4 cu. Yard $122.35 $221.24 $267.64 $321.82
6 cu. Yard $143.58 $246.76 $322.49 $396.13
8 cu. Yard 219.81      

Leaf & Limb Pick up 

Download the city map leaf & limb pickup schedule here

Recycling Information

City of Smithville Recycling Center Information

Here are the materials acceptable for recycling and how to prepare them:
Newspaper with glossy inserts, magazines, & catalogs
#1 and #2 soft drink bottles, milk jugs, & plastic grocery sacks
Aluminum, steel, & food and beverage cans
Corrugated cardboard boxes, feed sacks, & brown paper sacks
Used motor oil & filters only
Bag in brown grocery sacks or bundle
Rinse containers and remove lids
Rinse containers and remove lids
Flatten all boxes and bundle
Bring in sealed containers; drain filters

The following items should not be brought to recycling center:

No antifreeze, hydraulic oil, gasoline, kerosene, or diesel. Call for instructions.

No light bulbs, plate glass, tempered glass, mirrors, ceramics, or beverage glasses.




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