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Introduction to the Smithville, TX Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan is a report resulting from a public process that addresses as many of the various elements needed to sustain a local population as extensively as possible. Each individual component is publicly examined, and the Plan brings them all together to look at how they interact in the big picture. The Comprehensive Plan is designed to enable a community to enhance the quality of life for all present and future members by describing near-term improvements as well as long-term development; it is a blueprint for growth, designed by community members for community members, to help the city reach its fullest potential for all. 

The Comprehensive Planning process encourages public input through many avenues (town hall meetings, public forums, focus groups, outreach, and an open door at City Hall for example), allowing citizens to shape the Plan and support the projects resulting from planning efforts. For the Plan to be successful, the public must support the recommended projects, help prioritize them, and approve of the limited resources allocated for them. Because staff and funds at city governments are scarce, involving residents in the planning process empowers them to engage at a higher level and to participate in the actual realization of various elements of the Plan, developing committees, coalitions, and task forces and implementing projects that will address the needs of the community and enhance the quality of life through infrastructure and amenities deemed important. While city governments can facilitate these efforts, the public is integral to making any community thrive.

Most Recent Comprehensive Plans

The City of Smithville's Comprehensive Plan is a "living document." The City's next Comprehensive Plan effort will begin in 2023, and will use grant dollars to pay the consultant for their work through the General Land Office (GLO) Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) Resilient Communities Program (RCP).  The City Council awarded the Comprehensive Plan contract to Langford Community Management Services, Inc. (LCMS) in September 2022, which also included the comprehensive planning consultant KU & Associates. (See the LCMS Proposal.)  LCMS submitted the application on the City’s behalf for the maximum amount available ($300,000) on November 7, 2022. At this point, we are still waiting for approval, award, and contract.  Once awarded, the process will take 18-24 months and will provide multiple opportunities for community input and stakeholder involvement.

Requests for additional information from GLO were received and submitted on 12/09/22 and 2/14/23 respectively.  GLO required that the City resubmit its Employer Identification Number (EIN) and  requested a Federal Information Processing System (FIPS) number be added to the Environmental Exempt form (which was not on the original application instructions).    

Until we go through the 2023-24 Comprehensive Plan process, the 2007 Plan that LCRA facilitated is still in effect. At this time, more than 90% of the projects and priorities identified within it implemented or in progress. The 2009 Update was a shorter process to help the then-newly hired Grants Administrator establish whether priorities had changed and if other projects might have arisen since the initial Plan. The subsequent 2011-2012 Plan was updated to include 2010 Census figures and to address any issues that had not been included in the 2007 Plan or had changed so substantially as to need an update by that time.

Watch this space, announcements, FB, the City Calendar, and Next Door for more information about the upcoming Comprehensive Plan and how you can be involved. You make all the difference!

2011-2012 Update to the 2007 Plan

2011-2012 Complete Comprehensive Plan (updated from 2007 Plan)

2011-2012 Appendix A: Summary Sheet

2011-2012 Appendix B: Case Study (Initially created for the State Energy Conservation Office - SECO - for a grant related to the solar panels on the roof of City Hall)

2011-2012 Appendix B: Feasibility (Initially created for the State Energy Conservation Office - SECO - for a grant related to the solar panels on the roof of City Hall)

2011-2012 Appendix B: Sustainability (Initially created for the State Energy Conservation Office - SECO - for a grant related to the solar panels on the roof of City Hall)

2011-2012 Appendix B: Training Plan (Initially created for the State Energy Conservation Office - SECO - for a grant related to the solar panels on the roof of City Hall)

Public Comments on 2011-2012 Smithville Comprehensive Plan

The citizens who participated in this program encouraged Council to establish the Smithville Historic Preservation and Design Standards Advisory Committee (HPDS). One of its main tasks was to develop an application process and form for a City Historic Marker program that will showcase historic buildings, locations, events, and individuals. Residents may apply for the Marker, which the HPDS will review. HPDS will recommend action to City Council, which will determine whether to approve the marker and the reference to the historic and cultural asset on the Smithville Cultural District website. Applicants will be required to pay for the marker. The Application Form is available on line here or at City Hall.

2007 Comprehensive Plan Chapters

In 2007, the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) worked together with the Smithville Comprehensive Task Force to develop the Comprehensive Plan provided here. Links below show each of the chapters and issues addressed at that time.

2007 Comprehensive Plan Guide

2007 Comprehensive Plan Intro

2007 Comprehensive Plan Baseline

2007 Comprehensive Plan Land Use

2007 Comprehensive Plan Economic Development

2007 Comprehensive Plan Housing

2007 Comprehensive Plan Community Development

2007 Comprehensive Plan Downtown

2007 Comprehensive Plan Smart Code


Other Recent Community Development Projects, Plans, and Documents

In addition to the major Comprehensive Planning process, several other opportunities have been used to engage the public in the planning process to help improve quality of life in Smithville and its surrounding rural community.

In 2020, the Texas Department of Agriculture awarded a $30,000 "Economic Development Plan" grant to the City of Smithville in partnership with the Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce. This Planning grant provided funds to develop the Smithville Economic Development Community Resiliency Strategic Plan. The Plan was developed with input from the community and the consultant provided recommendations based on her experience and expertise. The Smithville City Council adopted the Plan at the September 14, 2020 meeting. Smithville was one of only two communities that was awarded a grant through this pilot project, and is grateful to Pam Mundo of Mundo and Associates for her work with community members, business owners, and leaders in creating this Plan. A Plan Update was adopted in 2022 to include Workforce Development as one of the main issues that the City would tackle in conjunction with strong partnerships in the Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Smithville Workforce Training Center.

In 2019, the Smithville City Council began to examine Tiny Homes. The results of the Tiny Home Survey show that about 60% of local residents believe that Tiny Homes (homes 400 square feet or less) SHOULD be allowed in Smithville, and 63% are in favor of smaller homes (homes between 401 and 700 square feet). About one third of the community said that Tiny Homes should be allowed anywhere, and about one third said that they should be in a separate zoned district. Opinions were split with over 40% on each side saying that they WOULD object to one located next door and over 40% saying they WOULD NOT object to one next door.

On October 28, 2019, City Council held a Tiny Home Forum: Panelists provided information (the Tiny Home Presentation is available for the public to review) to the community, community members were encouraged to speak about the project, and City Council held a Special Called Meeting to deliberate next steps. The Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce filmed it on FaceBook Live.

The three FB Live links are:

1. Panel Presentation

2. Tiny Home Tour

3. Community Input/Special Called Meeting

The Historic Preservation and Design Standards Advisory Committee (HPDS). The HPDS was created during the 2011-2012 Smithville Comprehensive Plan process. This Advisory Committee was established because many of the individuals who attended those Comprehensive Plan meetings supported the concept of “smart for us” growth and development, that still recognizes, celebrates, and preserves Smithville's history. As Smithville becomes more successful in attracting new residents and businesses, it is important to our community that Smithville maintains its historic small-town look, feel, charm, and character.

2013 Cultural District Application. Smithville applied to become a Cultural District through the Texas Commission on the Arts in 2013, and became the 25th community to achieve that standing. This designation illustrates Smithville's welcoming attitude towards art and culture, and opens the door to many funding opportunities. In Fall of 2015, the Smithville City Council, Lost Pines Artisans' Association, and Cultural District Steering Committee adopted the Cultural District Business Plan to set goals, highlight partnerships, and provide a framework for additional action items.

In 2013, and Economic Development Committee began meeting to discuss Smithville's needs for economic development. The following reports have been created to bolster economic development activities here.

   2014 Economic Development Survey Memo (Summary of Survey Results)

   2014 Economic Development Survey Results

2010 Safe Routes to School Plan. In 2009, parents, Smithville Independent School District administrators, faculty, staff and students, Smithville Police Department, Smithville Public Library, elected officials, and a variety of other community members served on a Task Force to identify needs and potential programming and infrastructure that would fill those needs. The Smithville Safe Routes to School Plan is the result of that effort. This Plan was submitted as part of a grant application to the Texas Department of Transportation (TX-DOT) for the national Safe Routes to School Partnership, which was able to fund over $320,000 in infrastructure and programs for the Smithville community. Sidewalk infrastructure along Loop 230, South 4th Street and Washington Street was constructed in 2013-2014 with these funds. Several programs, including Walk to School Wednesdays, Feet First, Reading to Ride, Bike Rodeos, and Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Workshops, have been sustained since 2010. For more information, please see the Smithville Safe Routes to School Facebook Page.

2010 Recycling in the Schools Case Study. In 2010, Smithville received a grant through the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG)'s Solid Waste Program for a collaborative Recycling in the Schools program in the amount of about $65,000. The CAPCOG funding comes directly from the Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality (TCEQ). This program helped to sustain and enhance recycling efforts in Smithville Schools and in several Cedar Creek schools, and continues to inspire and teach students to recycle.

Past City of Smithville Comprehensive Plans

1997 Comprehensive Plan

The 2007 Plan was one of the latest Planning efforts that the City has undertaken, but Smithville has been seeking input in the planning process for many decades. The 1997 Plan is provided below.

1997 Comprehensive Plan: Part 1

1997 Comprehensive Plan: Part 2

1997 Comprehensive Plan: Part 3



Useful Links and Resources

Citizens and residents can find many useful resources on the Internet for the help they need to become fuller participants in government. The list below provides a few links to some helpful websites. Many, many more exist that are not listed here. It is hoped that these resources will give you a start to help you find what you are seeking.

County, Regional, State, and Federal Agencies


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